Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Former CPA of IviewIt - Gerald R. Lewin

Goldstein Lewin & Co. ~
Gerald R. Lewin, CPA and daughter Erika Lewin

Gerald R. Lewin brought Proskauer Rose in and was the first person in a position of trust to violate such trust, willingly.

Gerald R. Lewin was involved in the stealing of the patents from the Iviewit Company. Gerald R. Lewin even involved even his own daughter, Erika Lewin. In a complex corporate shell game whereby they created identical companies to ours with stolen patents in them, she worked for the company (or so we thought) and it's shareholders but in the end as Sun Tzu calls her she was a "doomed spy" working corruptly to keep us snowed.

Erika Lewin was caught by Arthur Andersen lying and misleading auditors and she presents a corporate plan that is completely not true, trying to cover up the snooping.

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