Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kenneth Rubenstein, Esq. - the IviewIt Technology Lawsuit over Stolen Patents



Patent evaluator and creator of the MPEGLA, LLC, and the criminal organizations store front that acts as an anticompetitive monopolistic patent pool, a criminal organization subject to RICO charges as these crimes are tried, currently the crimes are the subject of a several year federal investigation of the patent office and FBI.

If I were you dear reader, I would not pay too much to MPEGLA for a license that is worthless without my inventions. WARNING - to all young inventors, MPEGLA may be a dead inventor pool, whereby they promise inventors a chance to share in royalties of a "standard".

Be weary, they may promise the world to you and then fund you but if they are doing what they have tried to do with me, they are planning on stealing your inventions and ruining your life, an extracting your patents through a variety of racketeering means, if you raise questions or catch them, they try to murder you.

Now here is a guy, this Rubenstein sham, who once given your inventions under attorney/client privilege tries to claim them as his own by putting them into his new law firm Proskauer’s recently acquired patent pool, acquired after learning of our processes Rubenstein then just tries to rub you out.

Rubenstein, in our case, hires a crooked attorney, Raymond Anthony Joao, as his partner to file our patents in his name (Joao puts 90 patents in his name, rivaling Edison) talk about brazen. An attorney turned multi-media inventor, an attorney has not had an inventive idea since Socrates proposed law, he was although a philosopher first. All the while Joao is taking disclosures on the very inventions he is contracted by Rubenstein and Porksour to patent for me, the other inventors and other shareholders.

Rubenstein in his psychosis, then tries to ice you out of your inventions through anticompetitive practices in violation of Sherman and Clayton, with a heavy overtone of Racketeering. Violating virtually all of his federal patent oaths at the patent bar.

Oh yeah, he is under investigation by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for crimes against the United States and foreign nations, along with the FBI, which has caused my patents to be in a limbotic state of suspension, IVIEWIT PATENT SUSPENSION NOTICE.

These guys were above the law, as lawyers they figured they could steal the inventions from me like candy... or so they thought, ah "the best laid plans."

Rubenstein is so grotesque as to become obsessed with your inventions and forget he is even an attorney. He is not a lawyer in the sense of doing societal good, he is a lawyer that has learned ways to rob people through law, more a petty thief, with eyes on the jewels of our country at the patent office? Rubenstein's envy of the inventiveness of inventors is exhibited in virtually his whole being, as he attempts to claim others ideas as his own, he loses part of his brain in the delusions to people like me and I gnaw.

Then when busted, under deposition caught lying, he even tried to claim he never heard of Iviewit or Eliot Bernstein, under sworn oath, in the face of insurmountable evidence against him. He felt above the law with Judge Jorge Labarga, (Labarga infamous for failing to recount the Bush election and passing the election to the Supreme Court, leading to the demise of the country) in his pocket. Yet, as the evidence shows, Rubenstein had far more knowledge of Eliot Bernstein and Iviewit, he was in fact a board member, a shareholder, the lead patent attorney for the company, opining to Warner Bros., Huizenga, Wachovia, investors, etc.

At his deposition, he is confronted with letters from Warner Bros. stating he opined favorably on the Iviewit inventions, this immediately after he claimed that he never heard of us.

You see he was our patent counsel and the conflict with his patent pool (which would be worthless without the Iviewit scaling inventions) was beyond obvious and illegal. He never thought it would get out control, he had thought this through over and over again, with other criminal attorneys (I mean criminals disguised as attorneys) and they failed to account for me. Not only will his MPEG patent stealing scheme be worthless when I am done, so soon shall he be, if he is not already tying his noose.

Investors even relied on Rubenstein's opinion to invest and then wrote letters fingering him, making his deposition statements perjurious. So in his fucked up head, to protect his pools from extinction, he had to steal them?

Hey Ken, the shareholders await the answers to the questions they sent you, how have you failed to answer them, the shareholders of course? Your attempt to try to get rid of the inventors, at any cost, knowing your MPEG sham would have been out of business, especially if we partnered with someone other than MPEG, say Intel, oops they are in this deep with you, so instead say Apple, it would have rendered you and your sham patent pool as impotent as it is soon to become.

Was Kenneth Rubenstein behind the car bombing of my family's car as witnessed on the site? No matter, he was the direct cause; a true freak of nature, I would not trust him with my patents, or yours. "

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