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What Does the Iviewit Stolen Patent Have to Do With Enron?

It is Said that Enron's Broadband Division is what sunk the company. It is Said that The Broadband division was doing a deal with Blockbuster for delivery of a high quality video and had booked hundreds of millions in revenue based on these new technologies.

It is presumed these technologies were to be the stolen Iviewit Technologies. As Proskauer Rose Was involved with Iviewit's Stolen Patent, the SGI Bankruptcy and was representing Enron Somehow Right?

Enron was involved in a technology transfer and alliance agreement with Iviewit companies that may have been fraudulent companies with stolen patents.

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2007-04-18 10:38:25

It is amazing that an energy company was suddenly booking revenue as a broadband internet company. Blockbuster was started by Iviewit seed investor Wayne Huizenga. Arthur Andersen while conducting an audit for Crossbow Ventures, an Iviewit investor, funded by two thirds SBIC loans, was conducting an audit when they discovered two identically named corporations but one with missing minutes and stock records.

Andersen accused accountant for Iviewit, Erika Lewin, of misleading auditors regarding the Iviewit corporate structure and failing to state all the companies. Upon discovery of possible fraud and at the first signs that agreements such as the Enron/Iviewit deal were being done with these "other" identically named companies, Andersen suddenly went out of business with Enron and a shredding party like never before occured.

One must question why the Enron Broadband division escaped investigation and prosecution of its members when they were the cause of the collapse which had serious impact on shareholders and states like California.

All roads of the Bush Administration's corruptions lead to Patentgate. Check out for more info. "

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